Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Spooky Eyes Review

Throughout these past few months, I've been so busy with school and work, I haven't gotten time to just sit down and write a blog post. I've missed this so much. Anyways, today I get to review these contacts from the brand Spooky Eyes. I am partnered with this awesome company called etailPR, and they allow people to receive and review samples from companies such as Spooky Eyes which I am reviewing today.
Spooky Eyes is a company that specializes in eye contacts that can transform your eyes. They have amazing ones for Halloween, for Cosplay, or even just for everyday use! Their website is http://www.spookyeyes.com/  They look gorgeous online and I couldn't believe how amazing they looked in person. And the best part is, they are SO COMFORTABLE AND AFFORDABLE. Sorry for the all caps, but as a person who doesn't need eye contacts or glasses, I was absolutly terrified that they would be uncomfortable or irritating, especially because I have very sensitive eyes. But I didn't have a problem with them at all. 
Of course the day I got them, I put them in right away (I must say, with a little difficulty, just because I've never worn contacts before) and wore them around my house for 6 hours. I didn't have a problem with irritation or dryness.
I honestly love these so much. They look so cool and I think they are perfect enough to wear for everyday use and can be used to amp up your natural beautiful eye color! Use them to add a little bit more drama to your look, or you can use them for a Halloween look too. I put in just one to show the difference between my natural eye color and the contact and they are so cool and gorgeous, I can't stop talking about them. I constantly Snapchat my friends with these bad boys in and every single time they said my eyes were gorgeous and they'd demand me to tell them what I did. The pair of contacts I received are called Black Vortex and I LOVE that it incorporate my natural eye color in there as well. If I had to rate these on number scale out of 10, they would receive an 11. These specific ones you can find at http://www.spookyeyes.com/black-contact-lenses/black-vortex-contact-lenses

Their website is http://www.spookyeyes.com/
I'm definitely going to whip myself into shape and start writing again. It has honestly been too long. Let me know if you want me to incorporate these in some makeup tutorials! I was thinking of doing a little bit more dramatic look and I just have to get my camera up and running again since I took these pictures on my phone and the quality isn't that wonderful. Comment and let me know what you want to see next! Thank you so much for all of your patience with me and have a great day.