Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Spooky Eyes Review

Throughout these past few months, I've been so busy with school and work, I haven't gotten time to just sit down and write a blog post. I've missed this so much. Anyways, today I get to review these contacts from the brand Spooky Eyes. I am partnered with this awesome company called etailPR, and they allow people to receive and review samples from companies such as Spooky Eyes which I am reviewing today.
Spooky Eyes is a company that specializes in eye contacts that can transform your eyes. They have amazing ones for Halloween, for Cosplay, or even just for everyday use! Their website is http://www.spookyeyes.com/  They look gorgeous online and I couldn't believe how amazing they looked in person. And the best part is, they are SO COMFORTABLE AND AFFORDABLE. Sorry for the all caps, but as a person who doesn't need eye contacts or glasses, I was absolutly terrified that they would be uncomfortable or irritating, especially because I have very sensitive eyes. But I didn't have a problem with them at all. 
Of course the day I got them, I put them in right away (I must say, with a little difficulty, just because I've never worn contacts before) and wore them around my house for 6 hours. I didn't have a problem with irritation or dryness.
I honestly love these so much. They look so cool and I think they are perfect enough to wear for everyday use and can be used to amp up your natural beautiful eye color! Use them to add a little bit more drama to your look, or you can use them for a Halloween look too. I put in just one to show the difference between my natural eye color and the contact and they are so cool and gorgeous, I can't stop talking about them. I constantly Snapchat my friends with these bad boys in and every single time they said my eyes were gorgeous and they'd demand me to tell them what I did. The pair of contacts I received are called Black Vortex and I LOVE that it incorporate my natural eye color in there as well. If I had to rate these on number scale out of 10, they would receive an 11. These specific ones you can find at http://www.spookyeyes.com/black-contact-lenses/black-vortex-contact-lenses

Their website is http://www.spookyeyes.com/
I'm definitely going to whip myself into shape and start writing again. It has honestly been too long. Let me know if you want me to incorporate these in some makeup tutorials! I was thinking of doing a little bit more dramatic look and I just have to get my camera up and running again since I took these pictures on my phone and the quality isn't that wonderful. Comment and let me know what you want to see next! Thank you so much for all of your patience with me and have a great day.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dull, Damaged, Frizzy Hair? Coconut Oil will change that

For years I battled my frizzy naturally curly hair. I used to put spray gel or loads of mousse to control the frizz, but honestly I would end up with crispy, lacquered  hair. On any given day there was so much product in my hair, I'm honestly surprised it moved.
I heat styled my hair everyday because I had hated it so much and that heat styling left my hair damaged at the ends and my curls didn't curl how they should have. It wasn't until I found this coconut oil hair mask that I started liking my natural hair again. I applied it once and already my hair started to look shinier, stronger, and a lot more healthy. Of course I kept heat styling my hair because I was too afraid to see what my curls looked like, but it still looked a lot better than it did before.
This hair mask has only one ingredient, Coconut oil. Its relatively cheap, especially compared to all of the other hair masks sold in stores, and one big tub of it lasts a very long time even if you do use it once a week.
It's extremely easy to apply. Just scoop some out of the jar, just using a little at a time. I like to start at my scalp and work my way down to the ends of my hair. I typically run my fingers through my hair to make sure that all of the coconut oil is worked through my hair so it all will be conditioned. I'll then throw my hair up in a bun on top of my head and walk around my house looking like I haven't washed my hair in years. I'll leave it in my hair for about 1-2 hours and then I'll take a shower. you can also leave it in over night, and wash it out in the morning if you typically take a shower in the morning or if you feel that your is extremely dehydrated.  I'm very careful to get every inch of my hair shampooed and sometimes I'll even shampoo it twice, if I feel that there is oil left in it. From there I'll condition and continue with my normal hair routine. My hair always feel so much softer and easier to manage and I love this mask so much!
I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and I hope you will leave your comments below on what you would like me to do next and if you would like me to review any specific products and what you would like to see in the future! Thank you darlings!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Acne Eliminating Skin Care Routine

All through middle school and into my freshman year of high school, I never really had a problem with bad skin. Yes I would get the occasional pimple here and there, sometimes even clusters of them, but it wasn't terrible, especially because I never washed my face. I was so bad about washing my face. When I took a shower, I'd just let the water run over it (through my middle school years when I didn't wear any makeup) or I'd use whatever face wash I had (typically a really drying one) and then slap on some Oil of Olay.

Now that's a whole different story. My sophomore year of high school, I had terrible cystic acne that I ended up having to go to the dermatologist for. She told me to start using the dove bar soap and washing my face every night and to put on this ointment she prescribed me. It started to work, and we forgot to schedule another appointment once my prescription ran out, but my skin was continually getting better and I think it could be due to my current skin routine and the fact that I'm no longer using the powder I was using before.

Now every night I wash my face to make sure there isn't any makeup left on my skin to clog my pores. I still use dove bar soap to wash my face and I use one of the scrublet's from the L'oreal 360 clean face wash with my dove soap. I double cleanse my skin, once with my hands to remove all of my makeup and the second time with the scrublet to get deep into my pores and get any dirt, oil, makeup, or dead skin out/off of my face. I then pat dry my face, making sure is it mostly dry and then I go to my vanity. Once my skin is dry, I'll spray down my cotton ball with my Boots Rosewater Toning Spritz and I wipe that all over my face and let that dry. I've been loving my Oil of Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream for my night cream. It makes my face so soft and smooth and I feel like my face is firmer and thinner when I wake up, though it could just be my imagination.

In the morning I cleanse and tone the same way, I just use my Boots Facial Oil instead of my night cream! My face looks so glowy and is soft and supple whenever I use my facial oil. I love these products so much and my acne scars are going away and I'm getting far fewer blackheads and acne than I would normally.
Tell me what you guys use and what are your favorite things in your skincare routine! I'd love to hear what you guys love and what you want to hear from me next!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cucumber and Yogurt Mask for Soft Supple Skin

My younger cousin came over the other night and she saw a post on Pinterest for this cucumber and yogurt mask that was supposed to make your skin tone drastically different and help reduce acne. Going into her 8th grade year, she didn't want to have blemishes or uneven skin tone (I mean who does anyway?), so we decided to whip it up in my blender. 
It took a couple of tries trying to blend it all together. We first tried in my little single cup blender with chopped up (peeled) cucumber and that failed. So we pulled out the big blender and that just chopped up a couple of the pieces and the rest went just below the blades. Thankfully that released enough water for it to blend in my single cup blender and we made sure it was completely smooth before we added a scoop of plain yogurt. It was still super runny and not face mask like so we added the entire cup of the Fage Greek Yogurt single cup and applied that to our face. We left that on for 10 minutes and rinsed it off.
We then added about 3 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice as well. We slapped that on our face and left it on for 15 minutes and when we went to rinse it off, we took about a tablespoon of the mixture and 2 tablespoons of sugar and scrubbed our face with it for 30 seconds.
I can't tell you if it drastically changed my skin tone exactly but my face sure looked a lot nicer and my pores looked noticeably smaller (which never happens).
If you are looking for a miracle face mask, I can't tell you this is it, but I sure can tell you it's an extremely fun thing to make at 2 in the morning and walk around the house pretending like you are zombies.
I'm going to try it out for a couple more weeks and see if there is a difference in the condition of my skin and I will update you if I do see a change. In the meantime, leave me suggestions on what you want to see in the future on this blog and I would love to know how this mask worked for you!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mattifying Powder for Oily Skin

Hey there lovely beauties! I felt it was time to do another post. As the school year wraps up, so is the homework load, but they are not limiting the tests! Good lord I've been studying non-stop and working late hours too and I'm not taking the best care of my skin by breaking the top #1 beauty rule in the book; washing your face EVERY night! My face is seeming to be more oily, especially after long days at school and work, and I decided I needed a new powder to fix this. Well on a whim I decided to pick up this little Gem at Walmart the other day.
It's packaging was so adorable, I mean who could resist buying something like this? Plus I remember a few girls talk about this on YouTube so I couldn't resist. 
I couldn't wait to get home and try this out! As soon as I got home, I washed my face of the little makeup I had on and tried this and it felt amazing! I have large pores to accompany my oily skin and I just used this on top of my Maybelline BB cream (which I'm in love with) and I looked in the mirror and my pores were almost completely gone! I had never had a powder do that!
 So far I absolutely love this stuff and it smells amazing too! I can't get over how much I love this stuff! After my 8 hour day at work yesterday, my makeup still looked like new, not like I just rubbed oil on my face instead of putting on makeup. 
Have a lovely day beauties !

I thought I had published this quite a while ago, but it turns out I didn't! Oopsie! I've been using this for about 2 months now and I love it! It keeps my oil under control and keeps my makeup in place all day. I had a problem with my under eye concealer creasing before using this, and just putting a little extra on under my eye has solved that problem! 
I haven't had a problem yet with irritation or anything (I have pretty sensitive skin) and everyone I use it on loves it! 
I just did my friends daughter (my friend too) and her stepdaughters makeup for the wedding and used this to set their makeup! They were bridesmaids so it was necessary that their makeup stays on all night and it looks perfect for photos. One of the girls was a good shade/2 shades darker than me and the other girl was a shade lighter than me and there was absolutely no problem with how it looked on their skin! One girl wore a foundation and the other just used BB cream and the powder didn't cake or crease or look white on them at all. It's a wonderful product! 
What do you think? Comment below on what you would like to see next! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Toilet Cleaner for Perfect Grout

As I started this blog, I thought I was just going to make this a makeup/hair blog, since basically that was what I would do all day. Well not anymore. Honestly, I think this is going to be a beauty, makeup, hair, cleaning, food blog.
These summer months can get boring, especially when all of your friends are going on long vacations to their cabins or the Bahamas (lucky ducks), so I've been starting my day off with a little HGTV (it's an addiction) and some coffee to start my cleaning kick. I browse Pinterest and find all of these different things people use to clean the house.
I stumbled upon this one post about using toilet bowl cleaner to clean the grout for your tile floors. I thought I had finally given up hope on those dreaded floors after all the hours sitting on the bathroom floor with a bucket of soapy water and a tooth brush and only getting a quarter of the floor done (and my bathroom isn't even that big!).
I started looking at all of the before and after pictures on Pinterest and I ran right over to Walmart and picked up Clorox Gel Bleach Toilet Cleaner and started scrubbing away.

 I scrubbed on the right side that way you could see the contrast between the two sides!
I enhanced this one so you could see it better. It still doesn't look perfect but that was only after a few seconds of scrubbing! Just remember my grout is beige too, so it's not a huge difference like some peoples grout went from almost black to pure white! 

When you do it, please ventilate the area pretty well, especially if you are doing it in a small area and work in clothes you wouldn't mind getting bleached!

What do you think? Leave your comments and suggest what I should do for my next post!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to: Winged Eyeliner

Hey Ladies! Again it has been a very long time since my last post. I just got my laptop back from school and I figured I would post a winged eyeliner kind of tutorial I guess you could say? I recently was on a college tour and one of the guys/girls (I'm not sure what he/she wants to be called) had the most fabulous winged eyeliner. My younger cousin is now venturing into makeup and she asked me if I could do a winged eyeliner look on her just like that.
So lets start this off.
So for this, I used Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo Liquid eyeliner. You can use your favorite eyeliner, I would recommend a kohl eyeliner just to practice with. 
First, you'll just make a thin like right along the lashline. 
 For this second one, I just extend the line just slightly higher than
 my lashline. The wing ends just under where my crease is. 
Third, I start right in the middle and draw just slightly above
 the first line, making the wing and line slightly fuller.
 If it is too thin for your taste, (like it was for me in the third picture), 
you can keep adding thin lines, tracing the first line, until you get
your desired thickness. 
And that is the end product!
I'm still figuring out how to explain these blog posts better as well as learning how to edit videos for YouTube. In the mean time, I hope you stick with me as I become better at these blog posts and there may be videos soon to come! Thank you so much for reading this and please don't mind the pictures, those should get better with time as well! <3 
What would you like to see next? Leave me a comment below!