Saturday, August 9, 2014

Acne Eliminating Skin Care Routine

All through middle school and into my freshman year of high school, I never really had a problem with bad skin. Yes I would get the occasional pimple here and there, sometimes even clusters of them, but it wasn't terrible, especially because I never washed my face. I was so bad about washing my face. When I took a shower, I'd just let the water run over it (through my middle school years when I didn't wear any makeup) or I'd use whatever face wash I had (typically a really drying one) and then slap on some Oil of Olay.

Now that's a whole different story. My sophomore year of high school, I had terrible cystic acne that I ended up having to go to the dermatologist for. She told me to start using the dove bar soap and washing my face every night and to put on this ointment she prescribed me. It started to work, and we forgot to schedule another appointment once my prescription ran out, but my skin was continually getting better and I think it could be due to my current skin routine and the fact that I'm no longer using the powder I was using before.

Now every night I wash my face to make sure there isn't any makeup left on my skin to clog my pores. I still use dove bar soap to wash my face and I use one of the scrublet's from the L'oreal 360 clean face wash with my dove soap. I double cleanse my skin, once with my hands to remove all of my makeup and the second time with the scrublet to get deep into my pores and get any dirt, oil, makeup, or dead skin out/off of my face. I then pat dry my face, making sure is it mostly dry and then I go to my vanity. Once my skin is dry, I'll spray down my cotton ball with my Boots Rosewater Toning Spritz and I wipe that all over my face and let that dry. I've been loving my Oil of Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream for my night cream. It makes my face so soft and smooth and I feel like my face is firmer and thinner when I wake up, though it could just be my imagination.

In the morning I cleanse and tone the same way, I just use my Boots Facial Oil instead of my night cream! My face looks so glowy and is soft and supple whenever I use my facial oil. I love these products so much and my acne scars are going away and I'm getting far fewer blackheads and acne than I would normally.
Tell me what you guys use and what are your favorite things in your skincare routine! I'd love to hear what you guys love and what you want to hear from me next!