Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mascara Review

Hey guys! So this will be my first post and I'm going to be reviewing three mascaras that I have tried recently! Two of which are samples!
The first mascara I tried was the High Impact Waterproof mascara by Clinique! I got it as a sample and I ended up liking it a lot. I wasn't so sure of it at first because it was so different from the normal mascaras I typically get. Typically they are super heavy and volumizing, but this one was super light and easy to remove. It didn't flake, or give me raccoon eyes. I just ended up with these natural, but better than the original, looking eyelashes! If you really like a lengthened and slightly volumized look, I would definitely recommend this to you. It is around 16 dollars, so it is on the cheaper side of the high-end mascaras.
Alright for the next one, I got a sample of They're Real Mascara and I loved this one too much to handle. I actually have my first job now so I can buy this mascara if I would like, but this was my first high-end mascara I had ever used and I thought I was so spoiled and quite honestly, I was. This mascara is really amazing at getting every single lash and really making them super volumized and long. The first time I tried it, I thought it was okay, but after I used it the second time, I fell in love! I've been savoring the last little bit this last month and it is one of my all time favorites. It has like a little spiked tip, that really helps get the inner and outer corners of the eye covered. Overall, I think this is a great product, and it is about 23 dollars, so it is a bit more expensive than the Clinique, but it give a lot more fake eyelash look to the eyelashes.

Alright for the last one, The Rocket! This is my only drugstore mascara on this post, but I really like it. It most definitely has some pros and cons, but for the price, I think it is worth it! The reason I really liked this mascara was because of the plastic bristled brush. I like how it separates each eye lash, while still giving length and volume. I love the fact that you can add multiple layers and not have it clump. It does a great job at giving you false-looking lashes. The only problem with this, is that it is EXTREMELY hard to take off. I've found that my dove bar soap takes it off very well in the shower, but any other way (except for make up remover) doesn't take it off very well. This one is around 6 dollars, so it is the cheapest one here! If you want to buy this mascara, I would go for the non-waterproof one, as long as your eyelids don't get too oily!

Thank you for reading my first post! All of these mascaras are waterproof because I get super oily eye lids during the day, along with having really bad allergies that make my eyes water, and the fact that I am super sensitive and am most likely to cry and small things. I do some research before I buy some makeup, and others are just a random pick. If you want to see a review of anything else please leave a comment down below! Other wise comment what other posts you would like to see. Have a great rest of your day or night and stay beautiful! <3