Monday, March 10, 2014

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

Hello fellow beauty lovers! It's been so long since I've written a beauty post, but I figured since I went out and bought (yet another bottle of this) my Garnier Fructis hair serum, I would write my review of it. I've used this product for who knows how long. It's been probably a good 3/4 years! I started using this product because I have really frizzy, naturally curly hair and I went through that 8th grade phase where I needed to have my hair pin straight and sleeked down so there was no volume (we all know we've gone through that stage). Well this sure did help to make it sleek! Now I use it to tame my frizz, but no more of that awful, heat damaged, pin straight hair.

I use this every night after I shower and put a good nickle to quarter size in my hair and blow dry it. It makes it super soft and shiny and I cannot describe to you how AMAZING the scent is. It doesn't last, but every time I put this in one of my friends hair, they always ask what that smell is! It's a super light oil/serum and even if I think I put wayyy to much in my hair, it always absorbs over night and it feels like silk. I've used it on the finest of hair and on the thickest, and I haven't seen an issue with it weighing down their hair and I can do anything with it!

If you are looking for a light serum that will make your hair look shiny and healthy and is manageable, this will be the one for you!!